Government Insulation Grants Help Increase Our Energy Efficiency

We all spend a great deal of money keeping our homes comfortable.  You need to use your heating options during the winter, and the air conditioner during the summer.  To make matters worse, the prices that utility companies charge are only getting higher.  Unless you’re fine with paying more money in the future, then you’ll need to do something to control your energy costs.

Installing insulation in your home is a very good start.  You can take advantage of government insulation grants to make the process a bit easier on you financially too.  With the money you receive, you can install insulation for the doors, windows, crawl space, and even beneath your home in a basement, if you have one.  These grants are very useful to homeowners who are looking for an upgrade, and even business owners too.

You may wonder why they are giving away government insulation grants.  It’s because the government is trying to increase energy efficiency for everyone.  All levels of government have this as an important goal including federal, state, and local.  The less energy you spend heating and cooling your home, the less natural resources you consume and the less environmental impact you’ll have.

There are various things that you’ll need to do in order to get government insulation grants.  The criteria will mainly depend on the state in which you live.  At the very least, you can expect to fill out a few pieces of paperwork as well as prove that you really need the money.  In some cases, you may also be required to take a few classes too.

Who Qualifies for These Grants?

Government insulation grants aren’t available for everyone.  Your geographical location will certainly play a role.  If you live in a state with an extreme climate, then you will probably have more funding available for you.

One of the best ways to get one of these grants is to use the Weatherization Assistance Program.  With the help of this program, you may be able to receive money to increase the energy efficiency of your home as well as make other improvements.  For example, in addition to installing insulation, you can also get new windows to increase energy efficiency.

Can the IRS Help? Yes!

When people think of the IRS, they mainly think of having to pay money at the end of the year.  However, the IRS can also help you get money to buy insulation for your home.  If you pay for the improvements yourself, you may qualify for federal tax credits at the end of the year to get all or some of it back.  Of course, you will have to prove that you indeed did the work and paid for the materials.

You don’t always have to look on the federal level when it comes to government insulation grants. In most states, the local or state government will help you obtain money if you need it.  This is especially true if you live in a low-income household.  If your combined income is too steep, then don’t expect to receive much help though.

Your Utility Company Can Also Help

You may not even have to rely on the government at all.  It may seem confusing, but utility companies are interested in helping you improve the energy efficiency of your home too.  They can come out and inspect your home and determine exactly what improvements may need to be made.  If you qualify, then you may be able to get a grant from the company itself.

They don’t always offer grants or free money though.  Some of the help may come in the form of loans, but at least they’ll have a lower interest rate than if you went through another source. They may offer a rebate so be sure to check into that as well.

Getting a government insulation grant doesn’t have to be difficult. There are companies that can help you find those grants and many others easily, using unique software or databases.