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Grants and Loans for Disabled Veterans

The United States troops are the heart and soul of the nation. They deserve our respect and gratitude because of their endless efforts to protect the American way of living and uphold freedom. Unfortunately, being a soldier exposes you to so many hazards.

Grants for Disabled Veterans

Thousands of soldiers have lost arms & legs in battle and were sent home because they can no longer serve the armed forces. These situations may cause serious trauma and can impede these soldiers from getting back on their feet. Fortunately, incapacitated veterans draw a lot of support and attention from the US government. Because of this, the governmental forces designed grants especially for disabled veterans. One of them is the housing award for veterans.

Housing Grants

The problem with some war veterans is that once they are back home, they do not have their own place to live in. This can be a huge burden, especially for those who are incapacitated. Fortunately, the government can offer them a housing grant.

There are a number of requirements needed in order to get a government housing award. They are:

Served within any branch of the armed forces of the United States on or after September 16, 1940.

A valid social security systems number

A certified American citizen

You may go to the regional office of the Department of Veteran Affairs to apply for this grant. There will be no need to fill out any application form for each applicant will be attended to properly right away. Now, if ever you are denied of project grants, you may still be able to file an appeal. It is recommended that you file this appeal once you are informed of the refusal of application.

Aside from the governmental forces, there are also different non-profit organizations that aim to help the housing of war veterans that are recognized by the state.

Assistance for Wounded and Disabled Veterans

There are many military organizations and programs which try and provide help and assistance to our wounded and disabled veterans. Assistance ranges from financial loans and grants to psychological and emotional assistance. Most of the organizations can be found on the internet with contact information. I will include telephone numbers in the list below.

What is available in your community or close by? You can look up these organizations on the internet or call them for more information. Hopefully, you will find one that will be able to meet your needs. Like dealing with any other government institution, you must be patient, persistent and not lose faith that there is a way. If you run into a roadblock, contact your local and state representatives, and anyone else you know that might have some influence in opening the right doors.

Military Assistance Phone #’s:

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) 1-877-426-2838

DAV Charitable Service Trust 1-877-426-2838

Military Severely Injured Center 1-888-774-1361

Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) 1-800 237-1336

The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund 1-760-725-3680

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center 1-800-870-9244

VA Vet Center Home Page 1-800-827-1000

Paralyzed Veterans of America 1-800-555-9140

Small Business Loans for Veterans

If you cannot get a grant, you might try to get a loan. SBA is committed to help the service people in America get loans and the patriot express loan for the people who wish to start businesses thus encouraging job creation and growth which is an essential part to promote economic growth. It also provides small business loans for veterans.

The Patriot Express Loan

The patriot express loan is offered by SBA which can be used for many commercial purposes that include start-up, working capital, expansion, inventory or equipment purchases. You will be amazed to know that more than 14% of commercial activities in America and SBA guarantees more than $1 billion debts annually for the owners. Therefore emphasis is also given to veterans by providing them with commercial loans.

The Patriot express loan is available to military community members including veterans, service-disabled veterans, active-duty service members participating in the military’s transition assistance program and the widowed spouse of a service member or veterans who died during service or of a service connected disability. This loan features particularly the level of authority to the lender under the plan and the patriot express loan must be used exclusively for business related purposes.