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Government Help for Single Moms How to Get It

It seems like the divorce rates are steadily rising. There are so many families breaking up nowadays, and many single moms are having a hard time getting by, especially if the father isn’t paying any child support. Government help for single moms definitely exists if you’re willing to search for it and not allow your pride to prevent you from using it.

First, you should be aware that each state has its own Department of Health and Human Services. You should start your quest for help there. Simply get on the internet and visit to get directed to your particular state’s department website.

One of the hardest tasks for single moms is to ensure that their children have enough to eat every day. To assist with this, single moms should look into the SNAP or WIC program for help. With the SNAP program, your child may also qualify for reduced or even free meals whenever they are in school.

Housing is also something that single moms will probably need help with at some point. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, exists for this reason. You may qualify for section eight or low-income housing depending on your financial situation.

Low-income housing may not be your best option, since it’s usually not located in a particularly good part of town. A better alternative is section eight housing. With this program, you’ll be able to live in an apartment of your choosing and receive help paying the rent for it. You just can’t try to live anywhere though and expect your section eight application to be approved. Also, you can expect for there to be a significant waiting list for this program.

Government help for single moms also provides medical assistance for the family. In most states, there are laws that help guarantee that all children have health insurance. You may be required to pay a deductible for your child’s insurance policy if you make too much money though.

It’s hard for single moms to work full time and watch their kids at the same time. The costs of enrolling children in daycare is usually prohibitive for most single moms, which is why they usually require help. The government provides daycare assistance for single moms in need.

It can be difficult to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter without paying a lot of money for the energy that you use for that purpose. While you’re applying for all of those other beneficial programs, you should look into energy assistance too. Most counties have an emergency fund to help individuals who are in dire need of help. If you’re on the verge of having your power shut off, you may qualify to receive this help.

Aspiring single moms may even own their small business. Depending on the nature of your business, you may be well-suited to take advantage of federal contracts or other business opportunities. There are few better-paying customers for your business than the federal government. You can check out possible opportunities by going to

There is a lot of help for single moms including government grants. You may qualify for one of these, in which you wouldn’t have to pay the money back. There are millions of dollars every year the government provides which don’t get used because people don’t know where to look or how to get a list.

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